GoH Minifig Series: Mitgardia

 Airen of Annugard is a hunter and scout who loves to patrol the borders of his home region. She is not a warrior, but definitely knows how to fire some nasty arrows at enemy's skull.
 Megga McManbata is one of the few highland mammothmen, an odd and mysterious race that is driven near extinction by human and dwarf settler. His fur is to thick that no clothes are needed; the kilt is an status symbol.
 Grimholt the Steadfast is a dwarf colonel (offensive squad). He gives his everything to defend the mines against monsters, hordes and taxmen.
Goltana the Icesaint is one of the sacred white mages of Mitgardia. Her odorous potions and waxes do miracles to frostbites and sometimes even to lost limbs (or not the limbs, not much use to heal those, but the parts where they are lost, you know).


Samuel Willmot said...

What a noble bunch!

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