Who will stop the Steampunk Figbarfs?

 Yes, another steampunk barf. I have been keeping a bit busy with a LEGO convention Leiki Legoilla 2015 last weekend and numerous WIPs, both SYSTEM and Bionicle, Klaanon and castle, dwarves and non-dwarves. These figs use some parts bought from the convention and some ordered from TLG's bricks&pieces.
 Catherine P. Brundenberg is an inventor and wife of Howard H. Brundenberg. Vapour-trike "Rhebok" is their greatest invention, although it has provoked horror on the streets and slopes of Brasshill. Catherine is the master of the technological details while his husband deals with aerodynamics and things like that.
 If your airship's rotors are slowing or the steam on the tubing is leaking during a long flight, better call James A. Magnify, an air mechanic. He uses his protective suit to cling on the airship's hull or wings during the flight and welds, fastens or patches what is broken.
 Onia Von Bubberdubber is a fine lady, unsurprisingly, who enjoys travelling in the northern countries among the natives. She has collected many items from these cultures to her Cabinet of Curiosities.
 Sacharias Dabbel does the dirty work protecting the citizens when the police department is too busy. His impressive friendly muttonchops give him the authorization and his tattered vest suit shows who's in charge.
Allyna Vestermannen is a fashion designer and a tailor. She is tired of everybody having leather corset and tries to make a bit more comfortable clothing. Cardboard cog details are another thing she can't stand. Her favourite items are flowing capes and detailed leather skirts.



Samuel Willmot said...

Hopefully no one will stop the figbarfs! Honestly, how do you keep seeing these perfect combinations of characters in different fig parts?

Eero said...

Thanks mate, there's always some chaotic minifig part piles on my building table, and then some combos just arise.. And of course on every new CMF series I check all the figs with steampunk parts and here we go again.

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