The Evil Steampunk Figbarf of Evil

 There's another one of these steampunk figbarfs, this time from the nastier side!

Le Clonairre Révolution is one of the automaton soldiers used by Great Empire lé Fränc in the second great steam war. They did not serve their purpose well, but ended up slaugthering own troops as well as enemies. Most of these metal warriors got destroyed, but legends tell that some still roam on the old trenches, needing no rest nor nourishment.
 Jacob Napander is a mad inventor and a smelly little man. He uses petrol as a moustache wax and designs vaporizer guns for living. He isn't one of those "I will conquer the world buhahaha" mad inventors, but one of those basement-dwelling eccentric ones.
 Frans Von Guggenheim is an evil, evil man. He is a great art patron and tries to infect poor cities with odd and extremely expensive tax-funded museums of modern art. He is a true threat to well-fare state.
 Marianne Harkley stems from a long line on pirates and air pirates. She is, in a way, the heir of a big family business. She is not a nice woman, a stranger told me in a pub, even though the lack of eyepatches, peg legs and hook hand might lead astray.
Mortimer Von Übermesch is a old pirate and a bandit, living in his little kingdom at the mountains of Roumania. He has set the style for successfull bandit leaders with a fine bear skin har, black leather greatcoat and wild but cool facial hair.



Samuel Willmot said...

What an terrifying bunch of evildoers! Love the automaton soldier!

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