MOC: Creedy

Here's a little Klaanon MOC to finish this weekend with: He's Creedy, Killjoy's little helper. Most people mistook him as a odd-masked Matoran or a kind of a gnome, but he was actually a creature called Vahki-Va, a maintenance unit for Black Hand's vahki forces. He was later killed by a special vahki unit named Saraji.

I'm not going to lie that this would have taken more than fifteen minutes. This MOC is not really exciting, but I had never build Creedy and he's semi-important character on Klaanon. The feet were the trigger here, I got them from parts draft couple of weeks ago and they were perfct for this. Then there's just basic CBBS stuff, a bulked up rahkshi head, some back armor and the wrench. Done!




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