Discworld Monday: The Original City Watch

 It's surprising that there haven't been any MOCs or minifigs inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld as I have been an avid fan ana reader since... Christmas 2008, probably, when I saw Hogfather TV adaption. I read the books during the years between now and then when they got translated into Finnish (though I read Unseen Academicals, Snuff and Raising Steam in English before they got translated, and have been reading the older ones in original language recently; Carpe Jugulum right now, finished Going Postal few days ago). Here's the first minifig barf, the original members of the Night Watch from Guards! Guards! (which, honestly, isn't very good compared to the newer watch books if you ask me; on other hand, Night Watch is my favourite Discworld novel overall), though probably not in their night watch outfits; though Vimes, Nobby nor Fred probably haven't changed their boots, chestplates or helmets since then.

Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson, or to dwarves "Kzad-bhat", the head-banger. Handsome, honest, clean and charismatic watch officer. Has mirror-clear armor and helmet and a sword that is definitely not magical.
 Commander Samuel Vimes, His Grace, His Excellency The Duke of Ankh, the Blackboard Monitor of the Dwarves and so on - and a damn good copper. Famous for being unbribable. Known as Vetinari's terrier.
 Sergeant Frederick "Fred" Colon, Vimes's oldest friend and kind of sergeant that never gets promoted into a officer. Stupid, slow and cowardy, but surprisingly good jailer and skilled at listening to the City. Often guards important objects like Brass Bridge, Opera House or Royal Art Museum in case they would get stolen.
Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St. John "Nobby" Nobbs, best friend of Fren Colon, is a hideous creature who carries a note from the Patrician certificating that he is a human being. Scoundrel and a rogue, but rather harmless one. Armor and weapons immendiately rust near him. Has recently developed a romance with a goblin girl.


Post Scriptum: Hopefully we get some official Discworld stuff if the CUUSOO projects gets trough the review. Thumbs up!


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