Discworld Tuesday: Unseen University Staff Part One

 The Discworld week rolls on: Now it's time for some sorcery (but fortunately not sourcery, wouldn't mind turning into a frog or pitchfork or something). There are some wizard characters, important and not-so-important, but magical nevertheless. Wizards are my all-time-favourite characters, and Pratchett definitely has an original approach on them.

The Lecturer in Recent Runes, not names Arnold, is a flat character but a solid part of the Senior Faculty. Known to be good at playing banjo made of Roundworldian turtle shell.
 Rincewind, the unpaid  Egregious Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography among other titles, is the original Discworld protagonist and definitely not the most heroic one. Enjoys potatoes. Has saved the Disc several times and the Roundworld at least one.
 The Chair of Indefinite Studies, known shortly as Chair, is probably even flatter character than Runes. He is not interested in dealing definite problems. They are not his business.
The Senior Wrangler is an another member of the senior faculty. He is a philosopher who looks a bit like a horse. His first name is Horace and he's thin, belabouring and often frustrating and has some sort of crush on Mrs Whitlow the housekeeper.

More magic tomorrow, I tell ye.



Samuel Willmot said...

These make me want to read the Discworld series even more. Perhaps I should seek them out now...

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