MOC: Toa Nautilda

 Here's another blue-silvery Klaanon creation for this weekend - This time a bit fresher character.

Toa Nautilda is one of the "native" Toas of the Island of Bio-Klaani. He used to be the guardian of Ruki-Koro in the south with Toa Ursanga before her Toa-brother got fed up with the village's mayor and moved north. Nautilda is tall and strong and has numerous accessories to boost the swimming abilities, including wing-like fins, knife skirt working like rudders and sharpened axe-blade like flippers that can also be used as a kicking aid. She also has a tall seashell helmet with a spike crown.

This MOC originates from a few tablescraps. I designed the lower leg armor - a part I'm very happy with - and was going for an unsymmetrical armor that used Dragon Bolt's skull as another lower leg armor. The piece was perfectly shaped for that, but the unsymmetrical design didn't work out. I luckily had more of those Tahu Mistake blades (though the other leg armor is pearl silver and another flat silver) and I was able to use the original tablescrap. The Dragon Bolt skull came back later as the helmet. All of the other "Native Toas" (Ursanga, Muothka and Korpraun) has some sort of iconic headgear, and this needed something like that too. Ruru worked well with the helmet and it also had a story-based reasons, being the same mask than Ursanga's.

The axe flippers were another starting point. I just though that hell, Axonn's axes could make interesting swimming equipment. They were quite badass.

The torso was rather nice to build. Some parts of the upper body are similar to one of my favourite (own) MOCs, Karmenna. Jaller Mahri chest armor is so gloriously shaped piece and I had bought one in light bley on Bricklink some time ago, so that felt fitting. It also creates a shape of broad shoulders and relatively muscular upper body, as Nautilda is all-out attacker instead of more agile martial arts -type Toa of water. She's bristling with weapons.

The main weapon is Hahli Mahri's trident with longer (well, more realistic) hande and some extra spikes. I have always liked the shape of that piece and hadn't used it for years. Most of my Bionicle weapons are stored deep in the cupboard - There is just too many of them, do not talk to me about Bordahk staffs...

The minifig arm hand are a bit of a compromise. Robot arms looked too thick and long, and battle droid arms never really look good. Well, minifig arms worked alright on Ämkoo, so why not.



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