Old MOC mod: Guardian

 Some of you might remember this one. The older page is one of the most popular in this blog.

Guardian is one of the main characters on Klaanon. He is an admin of Bio-Klaani with Tawa and Visokki (and formerly Ämkoo) and a war veteral from Zakaz.  He has lost one eye in the war and uses mostly his Zamor revolver and trustworthy "Watchman" rifle.

 The original version (which is still inside the torso of this one, few pieces at least) dates back to 2010. I have been trying to post this new version several times before, but have failed at the photographing stage - this guy is surprisingly hard to pose. For the first two or three times the proportions were way off, the legs were too long or too short or too much apart. And then I made the version with metal blue leg armor (as I didn't realize I had two more silver ones...) photographed it and edited to photos but well, didn't want to post it. But here we are, finally.

The legs have double joint on the knee, so they often appear to be different heigh, making the pose look stupid especially through camera's lens. The legs are the most modified parts of this one; most of the torso is reworked too, though it looks pretty much the same. It's sturdier and doesn't stress the pieces.

The new version has also the accessory suspenders with bags and pockets and style. This might have something to do with the fact that Guardian is pretty much Mal from Firefly...



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