MOC: Purifier

 Here's a Klaanon-themed bad guy to finish the turn of the month. This guy, Purifier, was built in a little more than a day; Six hours probably. He's a character just from the beginning of the Klaanon, though he has appeared in different forms (hard to kill kind of guy, you know, still not Makuta) over and over again. But here this hot-headed Dark Hunter is in his original 2010 form, with a single eye, black and yellow armor, cannon/flamethrower arm and fire mane suitable for Naming Day pyrotechnics, as Guardian suggested early on.

As I mentioned, Purifier was a fast build. It was quite a straightforward too. I made a sketch on a work during a idle hour, showed it to the creator of this character, got approved and build it during the Friday and Saturday nights, beginning with the upper torso and finishing with the legs.

 The head was always going to be Mmmmeltdown's, and as I got 10 of those new Chima flares from parts draft lottery on a LEGO Exhibit (not so lucky overall, but at least I had some use for them as an action figure builder), they were ideal for this character. They are connected on a rigid hose, which are nice and useful pieces in cases like this. The shoulders were 4x4x3 cones in the original sketch, but those big old 70's gear pieces (my father's old stuff, heirlooms if you like) were a late addition; I think they look rather cool there, as unusual pieces.

The arms are quite basic stuff, but the cannon one deemed some adventures with "randon grey and black odd pieces" bin, producing cool black stickered turbim piece, couple of axle-holed hockey pucks and that strange canon barrel; Bumblebee striped were added to make it cooler.

Chicken legs are what you would expect on a huncback character like this. I actually made a beefy straight shins at first, and they looked quite perfect with the beast feet, but they didn't fit this MOC at all; Will probably use them on another one. The printed shells from Waspix saved me with the upper legs, otherwise they owe lot to Crab Beast.



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