Margibi Imber

 This character build was made during a long timespan with several parts reworked again and again. The hat is the oldest part (I like exciting hats!), built probably last autumn. It is somewhat inspired by ancient Egyptian headresses (or popularized images of them), using those delicious tipper end pieces with some macaroni tubes. The model was a bust for a long time, with some black flame parts as the original hair; the net hair was designed originally as an optional hairstyle for Doreen Inverandi, but fitted this figure better. The rest of the original bust was scrapped later on (yesterday) because it was too fragile. It had several joints with a zig-zag construction; ambitious but foolish idea!

I didn't have clear idea for the rest of figure originally. I ended up making a sort of cocktail dress (probably?), a modern attire to create an interesting contrast with the archaic hat. It is built around angled tipper end piece, too - the one I experienced with on this New Elementary article a year ago! I'm very happy how it turned out, especially the medium blue ruffle in the middle. The handbag completed this moden feel, with a classic Adventurers printed tile referring back to ancient themes again.

The arms are somewhat experiential; they are bit too fragile for my liking, but I managed to challenge my lack of reddish brown clips with 2x3 tiles with clips - odd and rarely used pieces; Also the elbow has clip-to-bar connection, which looks odd on some angles, but was interesting to pose with. I'd need some 32828 bar with round plates - and I'm already running out of the black ones too! But sometimes it's better to try new things instead of old tricks, even if they are not perfect. I'm happy with Margibi overall.



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