Run, Rincewind, run!

Hullo folks, it's summer and everyhing, and here's another Discworld model! This began with some face studies, with minifig hair beards and adjustable eyebrows. Eyebrows are very imporant on defining a character or making look-a-likes! And also, unsurprisingly, hair are neat pieces to make facial hair... It wasn't Rincewind at first, it wasn't anyone particular, but I managed to make some worried faces, and they felt fitting for Rincewind. I dug up my old Rindewind model from 2015 from the cupboard to give it a go. I like the facial emotion and some of the details on the old model, but it was too static, too rigid... and Rincewind not running is not much of a Rincewind, especially not for long. Building a running figure felt like a fresh challenge!

First I designed the head in a way that allowed enough mobility to look up on a forward-slanted posture. The light bluish grey Mixel joint is not completely hidden, but the colour is close enough to tan not to look too distracting. There is another neck joint on the torso to make the posture natural; when bending down, a human also adjusts its back, not only neck. There were some challenging connections in the head. The moustache needed reddish brown bars, so there are two 3L bars running though the head. The eyebrows are connected to angled 1x1 round plates with bar, with tan minifig hands. I kept the grille plate sideburns from the original!

Even harder part for the running pose was the waist area, with hip joints and the obligatory wizard robe. The upper legs had to fit under the robe in a dynamic pose; never an easy thing to achieve! The trick one is 360 degree joint under the robe, which allows the "front leg's" hip joint to be more on the front; this also makes the hip thinner so that the front leg can emerge between the robe sides. It was also fortunate that Rincewind is lean and tall, not very muscular character, and his legs could be on the thin side. They're decent legs overall, and not limited to this running pose. Rinso can stand up normally, too! 

The base is something like bushland; it could be from everywhere on the Discworld, or even on Roundworld. Making this natural terrain made it possible to use hinge brick as an angled step for the front leg, making the pose more natural. I hope he doesn't stumble into those other rocks. Probably not, he's an experienced coward.



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