Makuta of Yuurei

I mentioned some time ago that I emptiet my WIP box and divided the content into ones to finish and ones to demolish. The head of Makuta of Yuurei was one of the first batch; I had built this head, based on a red Miru, and sporting a pair of horns, mane, proturding fangs and a big tongue at least six years ago when I was still living in Joensuu. It is based on a minor character on Finnish Bionicle story project Klaanon (which is over ten years ago already). He's the Sword God of the Volcano Island, who was challenged by Toa Ämkoo sometime after the war of Metru Nui. The rest is history. There is a certain Far East influence in Ämkoo's story, and thus the Makuta of Yuurei has look that combines samurai armour with Japanese oni demon feel.

 He was to be tall and lean rather that bulky and heavy; the red armour plates had to well-refined and coherent, like some prefabricated Bionicle pieces. The round shapes of the Miru mask and the horns are reflected on these armour plates. Petals from the large pair of roses set were used there with some car bonnets/mudguards. To contrast these big clean shapes I gave the chest plate a creepy Giger-esque pattern in black, and added some dark grey shapes to prevent the colour contrast from becoming too stark. 

Yuurei has also a long black two-edged sword; not a katana, but an "European" (probably completely wrong assumption, but I don't know much about history of weapons; there will be plenty of people who do on the Internet) sword with a cross-guard and symmetrical point; and a chain on the handle, and a red demonic glow on the edge. I I think I managed to capture these quite well. I was pleased to finally get an use for the bag or trans-red 1x1 tiles I had bought from Pick-a-Brick years back.

Makuta of Yuurei caps this November - 2021 has been my most active year, based on the number of posted builds since 2016 when I moved from Joensuu to Tampere. I've already got some finished ones for December, so it's not over yet.




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