Windle Poons

 A new Discworld wizard dropped! This is Windle Poons, the oldest member of the Unseen University Senior Faculty in Sir Terry Pratchett's Moving Pictures and Reaper Man; and he was built as a part of my parts review article on 43196 Belle and the Beast Castle on New Elementary. 

Now this black-and-gold monster wheelchair does not look much like a lavender fairytale castle. This is fair enough. I was only certain that the natural use for a glorious 10x10 dish in dark red would be a wizard's hat and I hadn't built Poons yet so... Poons is became, and the golden turrets of the castle became his array of horns and whistles, and the roofs formed the point of the pointy hat... and even the little horse cart's wheels formed the small front wheel of Windle's chair.

The wheels of Windle's monster chair are based on set 7041 Troll Battle Wheel. I got it as a kid and loved the set (it still looks awesome). Those are the very same hinge bricks, only I changed the spokes black and used a ship's wheel as the hub; it works rather nicely. I'm also happy with the black oilskin roof dome, which gives the chair a somewhat beastial silhouette, reminding an armadillo or something. In all the chair could use a bit more gold, but I somehow didn't have the right pieces.

Windle himself is more polychrome for balance. I gave him a blanket to emphasize his age (most wizards are old, but none as old as him). The blue colour signifies its different origin from usual wizardy garments - though honestly the effect is quite kilt-like. The shoulders and the tummy use newly recoloured 3x3 macaroni slopes from the reviewed set, while the hat is, as mentioned, the hotspot of the seed parts. The face, however, was were most of the labour went. I've used to building old people's faces, which are fun due to all the wrinkles, but this had to look old even compared to them. 

To achieve the age I gave him just a small goatee as if he was running out of jaw; and made the nose comically large, as person's nose grows all his lifetime. His toothless mouth is thin and continues as wrinkles all around the head, and the wild eyebrows portray both confusion on things gone past and irritation for all the modern mischiefs. The hair is coarse and sparse.

And yes - the chair can balance for a wheelie.



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