Polymer Samurai

I've build several samurai characters in the past. There's something good in the silhouette, with the usual large pauldrons, helmets with wide neck guards and horns, contrast between the hard and soft parts... so samurais it is. This one is more futuristic and was built for my New Elementary review of Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer; you can see many unique recolours from the set here. The set has many bright, lovely colours, something I constantly enjoy using in my models.

The first seed parts, however, didn't end up in this model at all. It was not a samurai, even, and I wanted to use the big trans-red windscreens as a hair. They were too big, blocking the shoulders, so I adjusted the angle to make a samurai helmet; and that worked sort-of, but was still quite janky. I ended up ditching the piece completely, but kept the samurai idea - using some macaroni pieces (not for the set) to make the helmet sides. They are angled with dark turquoise tipper ends, which are from the set, though. Tipper ends are great! One is also used on the chest plate. 

Other pieces form the sets include the 3x3x2 round bricks on the limbs; an another pleasant part that helped to establish a certain toy-like feel. The set has 12 in dark turquoise, which is nice. The knee armour windscreens survived here despite ditching the larger ones. I continued the trans-red into the bent katana and threw in couple of Hero Factory Breakout hexagon shields; they're cool pieces and I want to use them from time to time. The floating effect looks much better on lighter blue background than on a black one. The opaque dark turquoise windscreens were another exciting pieces from the set; they have thin surfaces with plenty of room inside, so they ended up being the armour's skirt. No problems with stuffing in the upper legs this time! The metallic gold details running through the MOC are from the set too, though I used them more on my second character on the article. More of it later on.



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