Agra Sunstriker

Agra Sunstriker was the second MOC I made for a New Elementaryy article, inspired by the pieces of Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer. The Polymer Samurai had used plenty of the pieces already, but there were still several sweet ones left, most importantly the dark turquoise roller coaster trail piece. I though they would make a cool pattern on a wizard's rope; I was wrong. Or probably not wrong, but I didn't manage doing that, mostly due to the weird geometry of the rail piece. It didn't work fluently. 

So the original idea was a wizard, and the first actual piece use was the monkey tail beard. I tried a monkey tail moustache too (the set has three tails) but it had too heavy Evil Disney Vizier feel on it and I thus omitted. I wanted the wizard to be cool and somewhat rock-n-roll, so I ended up with a big handlebar moustache, a mohawk and sideburns instead. Yeah!

Of course, for a New Elementary article, I wanted to use more pieces that just the tail. The set has four new 3x3 macaroni tiles in red, completing the macaroni tile family; so naturally I had to try them together, and that evolved into a collar, reminscent of Tutankhamun's attire. I though it would be fun to make this MOC a brother build of Margibi Imber thematically, so the pseudo-Egyptian theme fitted. Amusingly enough Agra's belt is basically Margibi's headdress turned upside-down! It also uses newly recoloured sweet tipper end parts. I'm particularly happy with the sandalled feet, which I managed to make realistic without being overcomplicated. The shins felt like a natural place to use up the metallic gold pieces of the set, also giving the character some glamour to fit the pharaoh collar. The small wheel on the right arm isn't from the set, but Iäm rather happy I managed to intengrate that odd metallic gold part there, too.

The radio was a late addition. He needed a cool accessory. I thought about making a surfboard, but then again surfboards felt overused on brick setting (looking at you, collectable minifigures) and a portable radio fitted the cool rock feel better. I also managed to throw in the short rollercoaster rail piece too, to capture a heavy-duty radio look. The loudspeaker use some new parts too; I was rather found of the simple greeble.



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