Moon Fog Oracle

This character was built for an article on New Elementary on Dots set Neon Tiger Bag Tag & Bracelet. The set has a cool colour scheme of dark purple and dark turquoise with some new Neon Yellow and cool little printed tiles; and my idea with it was, surprise surprise, to build a character. I ended up combining the calm with the energetic and thus the Moon Fog Oracle was born.

I wanted to inclued the bag tag cube to the character, as a decorated Japanese obi sash.This was difficult, as its studs doesn't have very much friction; they're designed to hold small parts, mostly tiles. Having to angle both the lower and upprt torso 45 degrees didn't help either! In addition, the upper torso is bent slightly backwards to make the build more natural; and the front of the robe is angled again 45 degrees on another direction to make the collar, which uses the amazing tiger-printed neon yellow tiles. Whoo! It turned out pretty good though. 
What else? I'm particularly happy with the big bow on the back, again using the tipper ends, which are one of my favourite pieces. The little badge on the kimono isn't actually from the set (despite fitting the aesthetics) but from Dots bling bags - I got a bunch for 80 % off or so (first time I've bought sets from a store for a very long time). The hair uses the strap from the set. This is actually the first time I've used a Dots strap, despite owning a medium azure one for two years. They're cool, but the studs didn't really look good on a hair, and the tiles make it somehow stiff. Using them as a hair needs some extra experimenting. The hair has another big bow, fitting the kimono and the obi; I like how they form a silhouette. And yes, the neon yellow is great addition to the palette - I'm looking forward to getting more pieces in it.
- Eero.


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