Doreen Inverardi Revisited

 Some creations are easier than others. I've made some great ones on a few-hour storm of inspiration, clearing challenges from victory to victory. And some are painful, with all too much breaking to pieces and absence of motivation. The original Doreen Inverardi was one of those. I had got that dress tablescrap on my table for months, and awfully wanted finally to use it somewhere. It was a mistake, though not a dramatic one. It was heavy and negated any leg posing; and with that short coral jacket the character was just a combo of sloppy ///\\\ shapes, looking a bit like sad spruce. It had certain nice ecentricity on it, but never met the quality of other builds on this "rock'n'roll" scale of musician figures.

I still had it on display for a year, and even on one exhibit, despite never pleasing me. And in the end it felt silly, pulling this model like a sled full of rocks. The solution was easy. I just picked up the good thing in it and redesigned the rest. It was a pleasant process of two evenings and now I like it a lot!

I had actually redesigned the legs slightly earlier, so I mostly left them as they were. The hige skirt was abandoned altogether. I liked the coral jacket of the original, with its fake Adidas stripes, but its sloppy position was not good; and it had potential for more. I enhanced it, making it bigger - like a tailcoat or a morning coat, but with sport apparel aesthetics! It fitted the feel of the character with its plastron. The shirt underneath was re-designed completely, in black and with heart buttons to fit the weird-classy aesthetics. I wanted to keep the bright light orange of the skirt and used this colour on a new one; the heart trim was the last one built for this character.

I replaced the gloves with simplier white ones that fitted the aesthetics better. I kept the wild hair as it was, only replacing the Technic connectors inside the tyres with some trans-light-blue tubes. This was done mostly because the connectors tended to fall off. I also changed the colours of the violin. It made the whole composition less busy and little more classy; I think this was acceptable, as the coat and the hair are so wild! And so Doreen Inverardi turned into a model I could be proud of, a full member of the imaginary band of character builds!

- Eero.


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