Suon Suncaller

 This was my first character for New Elementary's Cloth Festival. The fest was a brainchild of Áron Gerencsér, who's currently a set designer (congrats!). He had idea of a series of articles about various cloth parts, from pirate ship sails to KK2 capes. I was of course in and up to make some character with cloth part clothes. The series is two article, first one by Áron about history of cloth parts + his MOCs and my article about cloth part connections and my MOCs. Suon Suncaller was built in last November, I think, for the article; I had got a donation of one classic teepee part some years ago and wanted to use it! It's from controversial Western theme, but the quality of the part is top notch even after all there 25 years.

I aimed for vibes inspired by norther indigenous peoples but I didn't want too anything too close to real-life counterparts. The main idea was thet the clothes should feel warm and convenient, with mundane detailing. The teepee part defined the colours, white, black, and dark red, with bit of red for details. I'm particularly happy with the windscreen collar and plastic tire boot furs.  

Hair is one of the funniest things to built, and a cool way to emphasize the character traits of a build. I've used rubber Bionicle tentacles from 2007 once before as hair, many years ago, but never these black ones despite owning six. I think their free silhouette works well with the simple winter garment. She's also got a sunstaff, symbolising the first sunrise after the long dark dayless winter, and a lantern to guide the ways.



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