Rinka Padmavati

 Rinka Padmavati was the second character I built for New Elementary's Cloth Festival. She was based on an Activity Request set 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van which I got the the fest but ended up reviewing, too. The set has a large orange cloth part, made of soft material and used in the pop-up roof of the van. Additionally it was eight curtain pieces, four mirrored pairs; a combination of two totally different cloth part types. I began this character with the little curtains, first composing a skirt but abandoning it in favour of epaulettes. The rest of the build developed a military uniform look, including Belville saddle-topped boots, in regal combination of white, dark red and pearl gold.

I had no idea of the orange cloth use, but I believe the turban was the first thing I had a crack at. the part is soft and folds pleasantly, so it was an empty canvas, tabula rasa. I simply folded it into a turba and, as it didn't have connection points on the right places, sandwiched it with some magnets. The tail is put through some curved slopes in the back. There is a big gold Zamor sphere adorning it, as the connection point of the magned snugly fits into the moulding hole of the sphere! Magic.

I general I'm very happy with the simple shapes of this character, and the colours look so nice against the blue backdrop. 



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