Galactic Congressmen & Their Bodyguards

 Here's a barf on sci-fi figs from another universe, three galactic congressmen of various factions and their bodyguards, though only one of the congressmen is male and and one a human being... But that's the terminology.

 Washiva Chandeliereve is the leader of rare race of Anthaenolygenia. Their civilization is ancient and advanced in both cultural and technical settings, but usually not trusted by other civilizations, as they usually use their mind-reading powers in diplomatic counsels.
Washiva's personal guard consist of Whisper-4 robot warriors that are superior over living being with their extremely sharp reflexes, unnatural speed and skill with electro-shock rifles.

Blaina Candeles is the chief of human colony on the volcanic planet Catamalania. Fire is the life-deeming factor on the planet and usually visible on the formal costumes. The colony is ruled by matriarchs and the main export is thermal energy. The colon has got a lot of fortune from energy dealing which can be seen on Candeles's armor.
Adele Harvene is a member of Candeles's personal Red Guard. It's quite ironic that the guard's armor looks actually lighter than their leader's, but it is designed to be fitting on real combat situations whereas Candeles's armor is purely an emblem of authority. The Red Guard's rifles might look ancient and clumsy, but they are packed with modern technology and firepower without forgetting the authenticity.

Manfred P. Dertit is a chieftain of algebra-based bank union
civilization of Hellepermanni System. Among his people bribery is seen as a moral way to increase politician's motivation. The other races don't usually share this point of view, but often a bundle of money can solve that problem surprisingly easily.

Kabanoss is Manfed's personal assistant, consigliere and personal bodyguard. In battle he amounts an army and can turn a town into ruins in a matter of minutes. Kabanoss is very loyal as long as he gets his daily sausages.


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