MOC: Retribuiton of Coote C. Lucknahan

 To be honest, I'm not quite sure what's happening here. But I'm sure there have been a crime - Dirty money, stepping on the poor, forged contracts and so on. The police department might be corrupted with these ignoble gentlemen around, so the situation has escalated into the point where Miss Evelin Sharley has to grasp her rapier and climb up to the highest floor of the office skyscraper...

Actually, I build this vignette mostly to use some techniques and create a bit of scenery to my steampunk universe. Miss Sharkley can be familiar to some of you from of minifig barfs. I liked the minifig, and wanted put her to action. I had some ideas for classical but gloomy office, and so the idea was born.

I didn't want to build an office that looks extremely comfortable, as the bad guy here, Coote C. Lucknahan, probably loves only money, not its benefits. The stone floor is likely cold and hard. I have those light bley headlights from LUGBULK, and it was a pleasure to make proper a stone wall with them and dark bley tiles; I always wanted to build things like that when I was younger, but didn't have enough pieces - greys and black were always under the stone (If there is such a phrase in English; there is Finnish).

The big windows use red fences that are likely my father's old from seventies. I like how they work with the classy dark red curtains. Mister Lucknaham has also an Indian-style rug on the wall, it's probably an imperialistic gift from colonies. The furniture also includes a heavy buro. There's a contract, some drinks and oh boy the money - all messed up in horror, when the reddened eyes of the malefactor meet the rock-hard gaze of the vigilante in red. And her long dress and hair are never on the way.



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