MOC: Cynthia Quegan Muskell

 Ladies and gentlemen, here's the last steampunk figure for (some) while. This gal is Cynthia Quegan Muskell, professional engineer and airship pilot. She wears warm and protective longcoat, heavy boots and aviator goggles. A strong woman for sure.

This was actually going to be a male character, a police constable probably, but the 4x4 wedges (still one of my favourite parts) looked so curvy that it was better as a female character. The torso is bit similar than Gail's (see last post) and I got the idea of this when building her. This one is a bit less sci-fi, but I believe the boots and hairstyle have enough punk and steam to be classified as steampunk.

Cynthia doesn't have any new ball sockets, and the arms use twin clips as sockets, but don't worry, I bricklinked 24 of both socket pieces and they should arrive soon, so there will be more figures like this. The hands don't use the same design as the two last figures, but Cynthia is a bit smaller model and I wanted to give her wrist angle for posing.

The torso came up pleasingly well; Surprisingly I didn't start with the legs. I'm especially pleased with the inverted curved slopes on the back of the coat, as I didn't have those before I bought the eagle beast. They help creating the feminine curve there. Binoculars as the belt buckle was there from the beginning, as it reminds me of the buckle on my coat.

The head uses the same basic stylised idea than the two previous MOCs, though here I could built the whole head inverted as the neck connection is the bottom of a headlight brick. The hairstyle is a bit Wyldstyle-esque, with goggles on a rubber band, trick from the BCth. The boots were the last part I built, and I like the heavy heels there. I wanted to give her a boots that are faithful to the style but not too impractical when messing with boilers, fireboxes and pipes. The winky-wonky "gungan angle lightsabers" are the key part there. The binocular motif can be seem on the boots too. 



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