MOC: Gail Nealor Lyner

Meet the second character on my SYSTEM steampunk figures line, heroine Gail Nealor Lyner. She is more action-oriented than Miss Izzy and therefore wear more protective outfit.

This time I used the new ball joint as I promised on the last post. They give both durability and mobility, and Gail is quite a posable; however, some furniture would be needed to show that and I didn't built any. Hopefully the other photos show that though, there's plenty of more in Brickshelf when moderated.

The build was pretty normal SNOTty work with round shaping and some detail. I began with the legs (I usually do) and after getting them right (Boots were tricky, the shape was not easy one) the body came up quite quickly. I gave a special thought on colors: Dark bley trousers and gloves to match, light grey belt and medium blue upper shirt thing to give some fresh color. Dark red and brown with gold buttons were trustworthy steampunky elements which worked well. The body is a bit similar to my Comedian, as those 4x4 wedges give such a nice shape. The unsymmetrical buttons where there from the start.

I'm very happy with the head and the practical but feminine hair achieved with tri-bar 1x2 plates. 1x3 tile makes sure that the stylised face is not too blocky. There is of course plenty of SNOT in the head as the 1x2 double slope is upside down.

I pondered a while what I would do with Gail's accessories and finally ended up with a pistol holster with simple short chain. I think is works well. I also tried to make a longer rifle, but had no idea how she would carry it. I guess Gail is a fast shooter!



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