MOC: The Snowman

 After posting a new version of Kepe yesterday it makes perfect sense to post a revamped version of The Snowman (Or Snowie-Sno-Snögubbe-Snobla-Snörbels-etc.) today. He and Kerosiinipelle are always paired, and while Kepe is the brains of the outfit, Snowie definitely isn't its muscle. Of course he's bulky, but not a fighter at all, even though he once beat a flying cigar-smoking skakdi (or at leat that's what they say).

 Snowie's body consists of snow-like material that he can arrage in the way he likes, which makes him nearly indestructible, but not resistant to pain; he usually tries to avoid the conflict as much as he can. Bio-Klaani often sends him to convert factions to their side. But as a peaceful and laid-back guy Snowie is one of those who make sure that Bio-Klaani is the good guy of the conflict. 

I have build Snowman before, and that even made it to Mike Doyle's wonderful Beautiful LEGO book. However, I felt the old model had too many holes, pins and axes sticking from the white mass. Building white mass definitely isn't easy with Bionicle parts! White nuva shoulder armor is the key piece here; thanks to those very odd NHL player sets those pieces exist. Getting them to the right angle was very hard, and this MOC was on a progress state for a very long time. I had to sacrifice some mobility and the look of the back for decent front view. There is rather lot of SYSTEM there, especially on the legs. They are probably my favourite area on this guy, and they were a lot easier to build than the body. I think the hero feet look great there, as they lack the biomechanical detain and have only a simple roundish shape.

There will be some more Klaanon stuff tomorrow, and then you'll get some steam straight from the 1800s. I have plenty of time in my hands now and lots of finished stuff - Stay tuned!



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