MOC: Miss Izzy Orchard

 After those Bionicle models I posted on last three days, I'll present you some poseable SYSTEM figures. They are steampunk-themed, which is, as you have probably noticed, one of my favorite themes.

I built this MOC few days before I got my first new ball joints when I bought Gorilla and Eagle legend beasts from sale. So, this MOC doesn't use the new ball joints; the next one on my series does. Izzy is "fully articulated" (except the fingers though, impossible to build those in that small scale) using basic ball-clip joints in lower legs, normal-size ball joints on hips, double clip - towball on shoulders and even old arm hinges on the arms. There are double joints on the elbows to allow better movement.

The legs are partly inspired by Moko's work. I wanted them to be mobile enough to allow some posing, but they are not very sturdy. I probably could have achieved a sturdy design with those new ball sockets, but finished the model anyway before buying some. The minifig ruffs were a last-minute addition.

The body is pretty basic stuff with some nice curved slopes and wedges, with embedded double clips to make the ball joint sockets for the arms. The skirt was here from the beginning, and I'm very happy with the bags and packets on the belt. Izzy even has a booklet with the printed tile from Lady Liberty minifig.

The head is not rocket science with inverted, simplified face and golden locks. Bowler adds some steampunkiness. I'm proud of the hands, as they are hard to create in such a small scale. The connection might be a bit stressful to the parts, but I don't think it's that bad. Izzy has four fingers as most of my MOC figures, both Bionicle and SYSTEM-based. Five is just too much to handle! Badum-tish.

I had to build a chair for Izzy to sit on as the legs are not that stable and I'm going to keep this MOC on display for some time.



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