MOC: Metorakk

 Here's the last MOC on this batch of Klaanon MOCs. On contrary to Kepe and Snowie, Metorakk is definitely not a laid-back peace-loving good guy but a ruthless bad bounty hunter. He works for General Gaggulabio, a cigar-loving skakdi officer who is one of the Alliance commanders. Metorakk isn't his master's servant though, and is likely to go where he likes; that means the places with the bloodiest battles and best lootings.

Metorakk is a 100% fighter. He wears nazorak-made elite battle armor with leg thrusters, arm-mounted missiles and a protective helmet. The armor is still aerodynamic enough to enable Metorakk to move sharply. His favorite choice of weapon is powerful morning star.

This MOC is loosely based by an old creation by a man caller Dr.U. I picked the helmet idea, which looked excellent and gave heaps of character on U's MOC. Otherwise this was quite a simple humanoid MOC. I'm happy with the aerodynamic torso and the hand design especially; Movable finger usually give extra character on a MOC. Metorakk is holding a stolen magic sphere which is said to give overhuman powers to some special Vahki units.

This MOC combines Bionicle, HF and even small amount of SYSTEM parts. HF parts are used on the upper arm as I did on Kerosiinipelle, but there have also some extra beefing and Metorakk is more muscular guy. The legs are rather basic stuff. I made the ankles a bit sturdier, as just a ball socket on a piraka foot looks way too weak. KK2 armor part was an easy solution, but I like how it flows with the simple shape of Vikings dragon skull.



Unknown said...

New moc?! woohoo! anyway. it was pretty ingenious to put the shoulder armour of the knights as a helm.

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