MOC: Toa Kerosiinipelle (+delays are "dangerous")

Hey readers, nice to see that many of you have been browsing my blog during the last month even though I haven't blogged really anything! But don't worry, I have been building a lot, and there is several MOCs, Bionicle, SYSTEM and minifigures, coming soon.

I have been lazy updating this blog, but if somebody said that I have been lazing, I would probably punch them on the face (or not, as I am not a violent man; but I would stare at them on a nasty manner). I have had my final exams on Finnish Upper Secondary school; they are bit like A-levels on Britain, or at least that's what I have heard. The exams (I had Finnish, English, Swedish, long math and physics) lasted to weeks, and then there were three weeks of reading break - I used that time to do my advance exercises for the architecture department on university. And as I said, I have been building, as it's nice contrast to all the reading and, well, knowing. Writing a blog on a language that it is not my natural one wasn't, so I just build the MOCs to release them afterwards. But now I have a bit less than three weeks until Model Expo, the biggest exhibit of Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo RY, and I have some projects to finish for that; but I have no school anymore, so I'm a free man. Brilliant! But now, to the MOC.

I have built Toa Kerosiinipelle three times before as he is one of the basic characters on the Klaanon story, but those MOCs were either too muscular or too small. Kerosiinipelle, or Kepe, is not a fighter Toa. No, he's more like the scientist guy, and even though he has elemental powers of ice and plant life, he has tendency to panic on tricky situations, and save the day with a fire extinguisher instead. 

This MOC is a dyed-in-the-wool Toa-mod. The legs are basic stuff: foot, shin, shin fillings, upper leg socket, armor on the both sides. The torso is a bit more interesting if not incredible ingenious, with some embedded system to achieve a better shoulder connection. The arms and hands are the best part here, and I built them first; the hand and its connection to the arm is similar to Floresta's design, with skeleton arms as fingers and boat stud to make the shape a bit more organic; they are among my favourite pieces. The arm is combination of Bionicle and HF stuff, and works quite well. Thanks god I had a lime green ball joint, as a black one there would have ruined the color flow; White and lime are definitely flashy.



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