MOC: Commander Vimes

 The next Discworld character is Sir Samuel Vimes, His Excellency, His Grace Duke of Ankh, The Blackboard Monitor a and the Commander of Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Despite his gleaming titles, Sam Vimes likes to think himself just as an ordinary street copper. He wears his old uniform with slightly rusty chainmail, dented breastplate and second-hand boots always when he can. Vimes is one of Pratchett's primary characters, even though he was originaly created to be a supporting Character to (later captain) Carrot on Guards, Guards!

This was rather fast build. Inspiration was taken from Paul Kidby's work once again, and that can be seen on the armor, boots and (hopefully) face. He colors the armor somewhat brass-like, but as pearl gold would have been too bright and flat gold SYSTEM pieces doesn't exist, I went with simple dark bley as it was dim steel. The copper badge is there (bad-dum-tish), as well as some chain mail on the upper arms. Brown cape and leg armor with the sleeves balance the colors a bit. The boots have open toes and thin soles so Vimes can feel the cobbles and always know what street he's walking on.

The facial features are important on characters like this. I like bearded builds, as it's easy to make man recongizable with facial hair (and it's cool anyway). Vimes is clean-shaven or has a stubble, (well, usually) so I can to capture the vimesy feel with simple shaping. The jumper plate with the cigar saves me here, lowering the mouth and making the face less flat. He's rugged and bit persistent looking. The helmet is an odd KK2 armor piece, but it felt good, had nice color and I had no ideas for brick-built helmets. The underside looks a bit odd but it's not visible to you, hah-hah.

Vimes needed some weapon, so I threw together a baton. It feeled more suitable for a copper than a sword and I had already built a crossbow for Ridcully. The scale of this watchman is same than on Ridcully, The Dean and The Librarian. Mustrum is ten studs wide and Vimes six, but Sam isn't a bit man and Ridcully is a wizard, so it feels fitting.



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