The Laird of the Victory's Tooth

 Yep, that's right. Doktor Viktor Von Nebula, the improved version of the first Hero Factory nemesis 7145, is part of Klaanon Project. He's a Steltian Aristocrat, member of Sidorak's species, and a successfull businessman behind the infamous Victory Corporation. He's naturally a space baron, having sent an energy hound named Laikarakk to discover the depths of space (despite the fact that he lives in the domes of Matoran Universe). He's also a Count, a Doctor in Odontology and a Honorary Doctor in Odontology. He also seems to know every damn bad guy including Abzumo the Purple Piper and Purifier. He has a hose moustache, a stovepipe hat and hell of a mace with black hole in the sharp end. Actually the both ends are sharp, but on the more obviously sharp.

Viktor had to be big. Aristocrats are tall, and our Doktor was described having a pompous suit or armor. I wanted to keep some shapes of the original set, including the upper arms' general design and the back plate (which nicely reflects me and my back yard). The main Baron points from 2010 are there, including the hat, moustache and monocle. The coattails, using a Black Pearl sail, were a late addition, but somehow emphasized the aristocrat feel.

The limbs are basic stuff, ol' good Roborider halves on the sides, stuff on middle, Belville saddle ankle guards and so on. The lower arms have standard 1x3 curved slope and two cheeses -filling, and the hand design has been in my use since... 2011 or 2010. The staff is based on old tablescrap, making a Sauron-style battle mace using six Shadow Matoran wing pieces (great parts). I was not able to do it before, but got some of those wings from BL recently.  It turned out rather nice. There is, of course, the marbled Tridax pod there.

I was about to take some evil maniac laughter pictures, but weather disagreed. Tomorrow, probably!

Viktor is, by the way, actually a Krana, according to some. This is very odd fact, to given value of fact. But his head was blasted away by the war satan Mr.Killjoy some time ago, and he will return in VIKTOR WARS, so it seems that he's more (or less...) than just some Steltian entrepreneur... I have no idea. We will see.


EDIT: Some extra shots - Including Maniac Laughter posing and a Gentleman Villain Having A Nice Cup Of Tea.


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