MOC: Forfhuarú

This is another one of these MOCs that quite built themeselves around few general ideas and piece uses. Chilly color scheme using white, dark blue and trans-blues had been on my mind for some time, there being plenty of ice-themed pieces from Bionicle sets.

Bonkle Kopaka is one of two new Bionicle sets I've bought, the other one being Onua, and I had been wanting to use those shield halves for quite a some time. I also had six of Nuju Hordika's axes from some old Bricklink order never used on anything. And then there were those icy-trans blue double sockets from 2006-2007 Bionicle sets. Very nice color, that. Sadly different from the trans-medium blue used on other parts here, but probably not much too different, given that it blends nicely with the dark blue dress.

The legs were the first part. The heels are a bit highet this time, with flat soles, but otherwise they are of same old design than before. The upper legs are mostly hidden inside the dress, so I was able to use frictions joints without ruining the looks. The dress went through some changes, but was settled pretty early. The torso was tricky one. I have pretty nice assortment of dark blue SYSTEM parts, fortunately. I'm really happy how the colors came out, the middle part being dark and the wings, hair and collar forming elegant white shape on the top of it. Even the head came out painlessly though I have to get some more tan curved slopes fast. A half of Metus's shield is another part I don't remember ever using.

The lower ams are new thing here, however. I'm very happy with them, given how challenging it is to get these thing done in tan and without distracting patterns. Too pad I didn't have any tan 1x1 tiles with clips; they tend te be rather expensive, so I'll cope with light grey ones.

This also needed a base so I made it odd-shapes, like a snow drift of a cloud; Not sure which one as there isn't much backstory. The heels can spin so some posing is enabled. 

This is rather large model so I had to extend the backdrop via photo editing and Smudge tool on GIMP. It looks pretty good, a bit like whirling mist or something if you are of romatic sort, but I simply don't want to pay real bucks for Photoshop so it should be enough.

The name is Gaelic for Coolin point. Hard business, coming up with names for characters without backstory.



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