MOC: Toa Deleva

A small break form Discworld builds (there will be more, though) for some Klaanon. Toa Deleva has been around for years in the story, but not until recently in the real spotlight. He's a Toa of Plasma, a Su-Toa, at least partially. There was a nasty accident with Skakdi marauder Metorakk, and Deleva sort of lost his right side. He was brought to Odina, fixed with experimental KAL technology and tried to convert into a Dark Hunter. The hunters were a bit daft, though. They didn't remove his Great Kakama, the mask of speed. He ran away, killing few on his way. And had some interesting adventures, mainly with Umbra. These let him to the ghastly corridors of the mental hospital of Aft-Amana.

The mental image of Deleva

was clear. He has the normal said, biomechanical side, with stark white and red colors. The other side is mechanical with dark greys and silvers, easy colors to work with. Splitface's torso armor was the starting point, being perfect for a character like this. The piece is oddly shaped, so the side armors were challenging to get right. The dark-red hose piece, fresh from Bricklink, worked rather nicely, giving a feel of equipment belt of some sort.

The round HF add-on armors are another key parts here. They are always the key part when I have them available, because they are flawless, perfect and lovable parts. I'm especially happy how they shape the red leg with the ankle guards. Another part I'm fond of is the red-white bracer with the Gen II add-on and the slizer visor; they blend nicely.

The shield was interesting. It is described as fire-hot plasma shield. I wanted to add some technical detail with turntable bottom (great piece!) and grille plates, add some sliding colors (yellow and orange) and transparent-orange saw edges and very odd Ninjago piece to ice the cake. I also had to photograph the MOC twice, because one damn cheese slope was in wrong position. Hell yes.



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