Iron Builder III: My God Prefers HC

 So, yeah... Using the grass block as a Mohawk was rather obvious. But it was an interesting challenge to make head big enough to hold it. My usual characters have their three-stud wide heads, and that couldn't have worked with 2x8-sized hair. So I began building a big one with more cartoony features than usually. It was a fun build overall; took one night and one morning. I wanted to use as many oddly-shapes tan pieces as possible to create the organic shapes of the face. I think I achieved the sneering-at-pop-music face rather accurately. Large ears were there from the beginning, and metallic coloured grill plates functioned nicely as obligatory safety pins.

The rest of it wasn't so obvious. One idea was to build a bust, but as the head was cartoony on its own, too, I went with a bobblehead-like figure. I don't really like them bobbleheads, but here's one anyway... Building the whole character made it possible to add more punk rock details including band patches, studs, chain and more pins. The jean vest isn't that polished as most of my sand blue is on Dwarven Runemaster which is on display in Vapriikki; but hell, it's punk, it isn't supposed to be polished...

And by the way, I listen to some punk, too. The build name is a homage to Y.U.P.'s song from their first (and only in English) album Hippos from Hell.



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