Iron Builder IV: Very Old Friends

This fourth build was the most ambitious up to date. I began with this fantastic scene on the Fellowship of the Ring - but surprisingly in the film; In the book the discussion takes place inside Bag End and doesn't involve smoking pipeweed. It's a nice scene either way, and somehow evening in Hobbiton enhances it.

The basic idea is quite simple, grass blocks as hobbit hole's turf walls and roof; Two are used as a regular long grass uncut by old Hamfast. Jonas used the seed part as a mini-scale turf roof in his first build, so it isn't the most original idea, but at least I combined it with an iconic location that is dear to me.

The figures are the key part here. Bilbo was built first, and was quite simple expect for the legs: Palm pieces made nice trousers, but connecting them on interesting angle wasn't that simple, since mixel joints are still only available on dull colours. In the end I just hid them from sight. I'm quite happy with his relaxed half-sitting pose. Gandalf was overall very challenging. The head and hat were easy, all right, and I know how to build beards well enough: but the posing was hard. I wanted to make him look thoughtful. Another embuggerance was the size of the bench: If Gandalf looked natural on it, it would have been too high for a hobbit. In ended up hiding Bilbo's end with some flowers. Maybe it's a little bit metaphorical giving the natures of these classic characters.

There was originally a light brick behind the window, but I decided to photograph this on full light and it didn't have any effect.



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