Iron Builder V: CMT-Rex

 Iron Builder is now finished but not yet judged, but there's still plenty of MOCs to be posted here with some extra photos and background information. This is the fifth build, a Cyborg-Mutant-Tyrannosaurus Rex. I think the coolness factor is quite high here.

There were some very different prototypes on this. It began with a dragon, a forest drake maybe, with the seed parts as a beard, then as a cheek pads of some sort. Somehow the head evolved into a theropod-like one and the seed part became into a spine. Now Tyrannosaurus didn't have a pretentious spine, but this is a mutant one, right?

This is also my only IB creation to use Bionicle parts. I wanted to use them on at least one, but that big Dublo block is damned hard to incorporate into a constaction figure. This one is probably 30-40% SYSTEM, mainly in the head, upper torso and the arms. The legs and the tail are very Bionicle-heavy, using same techniques as Guechex few months back. The colour scheme is rather mundane and mechanical to create contrast with the organic green parts.

I'm particularly happy with the head and continuation with the spine on the neck.



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