Now let's talk about last minute entries! Last day, pretty okay category, some inspiration - and the result is this simple, moving scene were the crew of Cygnaeus III, as the embarrasing climax of their voyage, make the first contact with extra-terrestial life.

That's it. Brown stony blob with some teeth and two goggly eyes and (one) offspring, and space rockted landed on its head. It took around one and half hours to build, and the most interesting technique is 1x1 tiles stuck between the side and the tube of 2x4 plates. Fun fact! That connection is lot looser with 2x2 plate with two studs on top - I had to try out several tiles before finding one that stack decently. The whole thing wobbles around on the trans-clear bar, big time, but boat weight bricks on the base prevent it from toppling over.

That's all there is to say about this model. Nice February! Maybe things turn out better after all.



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