Tam the Enchanter of Gales

The original idea behind this build is lost in the mists of time (last November and December), but I'm fairly sure it began with using those dark purple quarter round parts as a skirt, flanked by large dark blue cockpit pieces I got cheap. The composion is mostly colour-based, with cold, fresh hues of royal dark blue and different purples, balanced by white. The main inspiration was finding out that I have pretty broad collection of medium lavender; sadly, broad did include about three cheese slopes (two of them 1x2) which meant the hair is bit of compromise. 

I'm happy with the stomach area shaping especially, and layering of fabrics turned out nice. Choice of emitting legs for long, ornamental dress was quite late, and fuelled by lack of parts in right colour for legs. It made the process nicely unique compared to usual figures, but left me wondering if I should have gone bit less baroque with the dress shaping, especially the part with clam shells. The just were, along with medium lavender barrel halves, marbled purple dragon wings and that printed magic portal 4x4 dish, on a mental list of parts I want to use somewhere. The round shapes all around are complemented with trans-pink jewels inside life saver rings, decorations I'm happy with.

Colour scheme seems to fit January's pleasantly cold weather nicely. The name is, of course, reference to Monty Python's Tim the Enchanter. And yes, she's got a third eye too.




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