Dedofiktion Racing Unlimited Warpplasm Turbothrust Rocketsuit

Two posts! Contest time! Space Jam again, and still the collaboration team contest, a racing team, with Aiden! More about this process on the other post about the other contest model. From short a beautiful psalm, as we say in Finland. About so.

This was my model two, so the colour scheme is taken from Winona Skyrake's bike; black, yellow, medium azure, bit of red and white hair. The character is, hmm, Blizz Corten (no relation to the steel popular on student contest entries). She has a pair of very bulky rocker boots, and a jetpack to add extra thrust. Pretty cool huh? This time I began with, as usual, the head. It is quite fascinating! It has a new head design, with the jaw made with two double cheese slopes. May look simple but ain't. It uses old, easily breaking Technic connector, with two studs on side, to work. But the initial shape is quite pleasant! The hair took plenty of time to get right too, and is quite complex package. But I think I made it in the end.

The rest was, after all, easier. The jetpack used lot of cool yellow parts I had left at all; rest of them went to the boots. Old yellow Technic wheel hubs give the thrusters nice patterns. Tipper ends steal the limelight again - they are familiar from my New Elementary article, and gave the boots required bulkiness, like slalom boots exaggerated. The heart pieces and light grey macaroni tubes refer back to Winona's bike. Printed Alpha Team Deep Sea wedges are another pieces I've been wanting to use for a while, and Glatorian ankle guards tiptoe towards Bionicle themes. The arms are quite usual, I like the shape CCBS panel add-on piece gives to them; I got those from LUGBULK and you can expect more on future buils! Obi sash link this to the another entry, and the chest plate refers to Samus Aran.

Few weeks after completing the build, I though it would be cool to display the rocket boosters better, so I made a simple little base with flame jets carrying Blizz towards the skies. Long rectangular lbright light yellow pillars are maybe to the most realistic jets ever, but I like the flma burst with six different shades of red, orange and yellow, reflecting from the black surface.




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