Old MOC revamp: Mr.Killjoy

Some of you probably remember Mr.Killjoy, a cyborg general from Klaanon project. I decided to bring the MOC back to my building table after I bought Ultimate Dume's mask of power from a friend in Finnish Bionicle community Bio-Klaani's six-day cottage meeting this week. The rare mask was originally mine, (I got Ultimate Dume from my grandparents after Christmas 2004 and was about the happiest kid in the world) but I traded it to Vakama Hordika (an awful deal) in 2007. I'm really happy to have it back.

When I had bought the mask, the creator of the character Mr.Killjoy (who was in the meeting too) asked if I could re-build the helmet of the MOC with the new mask. The idea was great, and I had never been that happy with the older Kraahkan-based helmet. The old version was too easy to see as a Makuta's head and didn't have so much character.

I also tweaked the rest of the MOC a bit. I balanced the color scheme of the arms, added better back armour and built proper neck.



Crudelis Diabolus said...

Maybe you should try to build the monstrous form of him next. A scorpion tail!

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