Humppa-Pub: Backyard

I luckily had enough tan bricks and and light grey plates and I managed to finish (almost) the backyard of the pub building. I added some details as planned, a few containers, a couple of bikes on a self-designed bike rack, illegal campfire that punks have lit and deepened back door. I'm quite happy with the overall urban feeling. On the left side (right in the picture above) there's a Volkswagen Kleinbus, Eläkeläiset's bandwagon, on a SNOT parking lot which is compatible with Moducity standard SNOT roads.

I don't have a exact idea how I will build the roof. I don't have enough roof tiles to make full roof with them, and bright red roof wouldn't probably look so good anyway. A boring, flat roof could work, but I would leave the building open, so the humppa band and dance folk would be clearly seen. Otherwise the MOC would be pretty much a dark box.



Pluurankeli said...

Flat roof doesn't have to be boring. Make it interesting, like you did with the whole backside of the pub. The roof could only cover about half (or little less) of the whole building from every side, and leave a hole in the center so people can see in. And if you make the roof thicker than one plate, the hole can even be interesting. I still say, if the roof is strong enough, you could make it liftable. It just would be cool.

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