MOC: Toa Troopperi

After the big viking guy I'm back in basics. This is another Toa from Klaanon series, a Toa of fire called Troopperi. He's quite a classical Toa with Kanohi Hau,  a sword ans a crossbow.

The MOC is part-wise about half Bionicle and half HF. I started the building with Drilldozer upper torso armour + Splitface round armour combination. It gave such a nice pauldron-like feeling. The armour is connected with ball joint with through axle holes, so no big torso pieces are used.

The MOC uses actually very few Bionicle pieces, because there aren't very much modern Bionicle pieces on traditional red. the only nicle parts are the mask, head, feet, hands and the blade. Others are from TECHNIC or HF sets.

I would have used a silver Kopaka blade on the sword if I had had one, because I wanted to make a longsword-style weapon. Well, the black is better than white or light orange, but it kinda looks like.. evil. The crossbow can shoot the arrow somewhat well, but is quite hard to use. The chain used as a box string matched perfectly with the rigid tube used as the bow, so it has power. There isn't any launching mechanism, so you just have to put the chain on the end of the arrow and hope for the best.



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