MOC: Ragnfast, a viking warrior

Ååaarr! My biggest Bionicle MOC is finally finished. I started building this big fellow on April, and had now on the holiday time to finish him. Thanks for everyone who have followed this project and helped me with their comments.

Ragnfast is a brave viking warrior from somewhere in Scandinavia. He isn't completely historically accurate, because he has a pair of horns in his helmet. Horned helmets are just a humbug to make archaeological finds more interesting, but at least they look cool.

I wanted to achieve interesting look to the harness by using different building styles on different fabrics. The pants, the footwear and the upper body armour are black leather (TECHNIC panels are awesome pieces, by the way), middle body has a chain main (I'm very happy with the design) and the upper arm armour & battle skirt are brown leather (to balance the colour scheme). I left the lower arms white (bare skin).

The weapons include a big battle axe, which is Axonn's axe with longer and more detailed (if TECHNIC bushes count as details...) handle, a smaller axe (in the belt) for wood-work and such, and a big round wooden shield with sun pattern and kin runes. I also made a big pint using 4x4 barrel piece. It work quite well!

The MOC is, as I mentioned above, the biggest Bionicle (or Bionicle-SYSTEM-fusion) creation I have ever done. It weights about two kilograms, tough I'm not sure for I don't own balance. It stands over 40 centimeters (16 inches for some people) tall. Because of the scale, the feet are relatively big and have 1x2 rubber liftarms inside of them to prevent them sliding on the slippery surfaces. The lower legs have pistons to support them, and the hip joints are strengthened with some extra ball joints.

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