LUGBULK arrived!

 My LUGBULK order arrived today! This loot is my biggest LEGO order ever, having more than three thousands bricks on it. The main target of building with these bricks is making more modules on my Minas Tirith project, what haven't been so much exposed on this blog. But there will be change on that case!

So, my order consists of...

150x Bionicle chain links in pearl dark grey from HF handcuffs. Only Bionicle/HF part in my order, but these are useful only in bigger loots, so LUGBULK was a great way to get these. I don't have exact plans for them, but I might do similar chain link armour than in my viking project.

50x Classic castle helmets in metallic silver to guarantee decent helmets for my Minas Tirith garrison soldiers.

50x black armours from Kingdoms Joust with Black Falcon knight printing. Nice piece, not very cheap compared to other LB prices, but a very nice-looking piece. For my Minas Tirith garrison.

5x bucket helms in metallic silver. These were not very cheap either, and I've never liked these too much, but the order had them and I chose to take a few because I had only two before.

50x 1x1 TECHNIC bricks in white. Useful and cheap piece.

50x 1x1 round plates in light bluish grey. Cool pieces, I wish I had bought more.

150x stud-bar-handle-thingies in light bluish grey. I have no idea what I'll do with those, but they weren't very expensive and looked interesting.

50x 5x3 leaves in green. Who doesn't need these, anyway?

100x 1x2 brick-bricks in dark tan. I love these, and it seems that everyone does. I wish we had taken these on greys, but they weren't available when we did the order. Well, I will probably use these to add some details on my Humppa-Pub project.

100x 1x2 cutout slopes in dark bluish grey. Interesting pieces.

100x 1x2 plates in dark red. Nice color, awesome price, basic piece.

50x 1x2 tiles in dark bluish grey. Always useful, wish I had taken more.

50x bottles in trans-black. Cool pieces, mostly for my Humppa-Pub-project.

100x jumper tiles in light bluish gray. A key piece for details on castle-building.

50 black 1x1 SNOT bricks. Cool and always useful piece.
600x light bluish grey 1x2 bricks. For Minas Tirith project. I hope I bought enough this time, but I have about 10 1x1 bricks on light greys left, so I have to make a BL order before I start serious Castle-MOCing anyway...

600x 2x2 tiles in light bluish grey. Not very common piece and quite expensive on Bricklink. Must-have on Tirith project.

600x 1x1 round bricks in light bluish grey. For adding details on castle buildings, making round towers etc. An another key piece on castle building.

100x dark bluish grey 1x2 bricks. To avoid big grey wall syndrome with 600 light bluish grey bricks mentioned above.

100x 2x2 tiles in dark bluish grey. To avoid big grey floor syndrome with 600 light bluish grey tiles mentioned above.

50x 6x8 TECHNIC bricks in black. Extremely useful piece on making Moduverse modules and other supports.

30x 1x16 TECHNIC bricks in light bluish grey. For Moduverse modules.

25x 6x16 plates in light bluish grey. There's always need for plates.

50x 2x16 plates in black. Always useful support pieces.

5x trans-light-blue flames without connection points. Not so useful without those, so I didn't take more. Not pictured here.

So, that was my LUGBULK for this year. Now I'll just start to make plans for new Minas Tirith buildings and continue with my Humppa-Pub project...



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