MOC: Athian warrior monk

A relatively small and fast Klaanon-build. This guy is a warrior monk of the Ath-religion from Klaanon project.

The idea started with the head. I have wanted to use Bionicle Stars armour piece as a mask for some time, and its feel matched the ancient golden ritual masks that the monks were described to wear in the story. The Rahkshi head worked quite well as a hood.

 The rest is simple - Slizer torso with golden cape-armour thing similar to those that Turagas wear in Bionicle movies, necklace, simple four-piece HF legs with movable knees and very simplistic arms. I used the simple style to keep the attention in the golden parts, especially the mask and the nasty sharp bits on the staff. I would probably used HF/Bionicle fists if I had two of them in black, but I had only on of both...



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