MOC: Toa Samol

Here's another Klaanon MOC for today, an aboriginal Toa of Stone named Samol. I really liked the idea of the character: a strong dwarf Toa with a wooden powerless Kanohi where the spirits of his ancestors live. The color scheme of yellow and brown was interesting, too.

Building this guy was quite fast, as the MOC in a way built itself. The structure is nothing like your everyday basic Toa-Mod: It is based on two Bohrok (awesome sets by the way) torso halves and covered with pieces from HF set 2067 Evo 2.0. The TECHNIC pulley on the chest balances the color scheme. To mention other differences from basic Bionicle builds, all the limb connection points on the torso are ball sockets instead of normal ball joints. The mask is built using SYSTEM pieces to represent the wooden native ritual mask look.

The lack of both brown and yellow forced me to make some unusual design choices. I used the barrel halves with axle holes to make the bulky, short and muscular upper legs and SYSTEM ball joint bricks to make stubby lower legs. The lower arms/hands are coarsely stolen from The BCth's Pohatu, but I really like the feeling it gives. Slizer heads have some serious potential in mixing the Bionicle and SYSTEM pieces.

And yeah, he wields a big hammer. I've build big hammers before, previous time on Aülethur Dwarven Hardsuit, but this one is four times bigger and heavier. And Toa Samol can wield it with ONE HAND. He's the man.



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