Humppa-Pub: The base & back wall

I continued building my Humppa-Pub project with the LUGBULK parts I told about in the last post. I built a decent and sturdy module base yesterday, and started making walls. The building is supposed to be quite old and stale, so I put some brick-bricks on random places to present sections were the plaster has worn out and the brick wall is visible. I like the effect and the shade difference of tan and dark tan. There are also some old ventilation conduits and geothermal heating pipe on the backside. I'll also add some trash cans and other things that can be found on the shady alleys.

And, of course, there is an angry punk throwing Molotov Cocktail to the happy Humppa folk. Punks don't always love humppa, so there will be some nasty conflict. I'll add a illegal campfire and some more punks to the street later.

My tan bricks are running low now and I still have to make the third wall. I also need some 2xX light bluish grey plates. I hope I can snatch those from some older creations or sets, or I'll have to make a BL order... Well, luckily the forests of Finland are full of free money called blueberries now, so I can get some boost to my LEGO budget quite easily.



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