Senior Wrangler

 Good time of day everyone. Happy new year too, though it feels like same old 2020. I've been sitting home writing my diploma work, and occassionally building. This model is from around November though; yes, it's a Discworld model, after two-year break! He's Senior Wrangler, and not really an important character, but I had built rest of the Senior Faculty of Unseen University already, so he was bound to happen. The wizards are one of my favourite bunches in Sir Terry Pratchett's books, Ridcully being my most beloved character there.

This model evolved around one particular piece use, the Star Wars ultrabuild leg armour as a beard. It curved on top of the round belly quite nicely, and formed pleasant shape with big barbs as the moustache. The beards are probably the strongest element to distinguish these wizards. Otherwise I wanted to emit pearl gold, which is prominent secondary colour in my earlier wizards; silver is used instead, as these has to be something sparkling. The yellow cummerbund hopefully balances it. The pantaloon design is taken from Paul Kidby's art and recycled from Dean. It brings some three-dimensionality to the build.

The wizards tend to have tall staffs, but I wanted something that stresses their personality better, so I went with some light refreshments - a gin tonic (as referred in Soul Music), some biscuits and a fat piece of strawberry cake (setting of food was also displayed with Chair of Indefinite Studies). Building them was also rather more interesting and composing another staff with knob on end.

More to say about Senior Wrangler I have not. It's quite simple, humble, traditional character build. It also might be that my recent excursions in world of academic writing have made my output more compact. Well, not for bad, that. - I also updated the old (2014-2015?) portrait here, and made a Instagram account, which so far features old builds in exciting new compositions. Enjoy!



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