MOC: Glóin

 Hip-hey! Say hello to Glóin son of Gróin, who's the newest dwarf in my Hobbit dwarves project. Glóin, palyed by talente Kiwi stage and screen actor Peter Hambleton, is father of Gimli of Lord of the Rings and younger brother of Óin. It's three months from the last dwarf (Bofur) but I promise the next one will come out faster - probably in three days or so!

The beard and hair was the first thing I built on Glóin. I think it was the last summer, so it has been quite a while on a WIP stage. Dark Orange isn't that common colour, but luckily I bought some via LUGBULK last year and also Bricklinked some wedges. The moustache is built with minifig legs, connected to a bar via minifig hands; I'm quite pleased with the look of it. Glóin's ornamental beard featured some greyish metal ornaments, which I included in the MOC. The beard uses even a couple of chicken legs with old-type bushes to represent Weta's design!  

The body involves more SNOT than the average dwarf like Bifur or Bofur, but not as much as Óin or Bombur did. The distinguishable pattern is achieved here with simple angled plates on a studless surface, but it has a nice effect. The belt has some bags and containers, as Glóin is the Money of the company.

The shoulder joint have couple of ball joints and even a short HF bone to allow enough movement. The elbow works with a T-bar, though the connection isn't very stable. Gotta ponder if I would come with a better alternative later. The boots are basic stuff and always the last part to be built, but I think these are some of my best. The round shape came out well to my eye.

Glóin also has his battle axe which is later given to Gimli. It isn't that sharp, but I like how the shape turned out; It can be seen better here. The handle would be better in dark brown, but I didn't have enough free 1x1 bricks or round bricks.

And on the end there's a picture of sons of Gróin:



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