Steampunk Burghers Barf!

 Here's the third and last steampunk figbarf for this instance. These people are more or less regular citizens of Victorian era towns.
 Miss Ambrelyn Sundison is a daughter of a rich and overprotective father and that's why she has to wear a steel armour inside her corset... Or at least that's what she says! But some who know more than the others claim that she's no human at all, but a ultra-tech clockwork robot on an undercover mission...
 Baron Frederick Von Fraadbrick is the old master of Von Fraadbrick manor. He's the foreman of a mighty family and spends most of his time on the gentleman activities - Fox hunting (On homing bomb-pigeons), Bear Polo (With gas-powered clubs and flaming ball), rowing (his aids row, of course, while he stands on the bow in a heroic pose) and so on. But he always prefers fiddling with top hats over everything else, of course.
 Miss Michelle Pearlbury is a fine lady and the head of The Care Foundation for Victims of Explosive Boiler Accidents. She is one that would be called a good person, but of course the most think that she is only promoting his own interests... But she doesn't care, not when there are unstable boilers around!
Barbara Nardon works as an alchemist in one of the city's shady garrets. But she's not mad, uncommunicative and explosive. She's well-educated and ready to bring a liberal and fresh touch to her sector. Barbara combines old lore and chemical formulas to create new substances from exotic jewels to handy engine oils.
Mark "Gingerbeard" Haystett lost his leg in the Third Europe-Wide War and has made his living as a famous war novelist. His books describe the war experiences of the sons of Britain in a human and warm way without losing the sense of realism. The leg wasn't the only thing he lost in war - All of his friends died when the Belgian Air Defence dropped one of British Airships. Nowadays Mark's beloved pipe is his best and only friend.



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