MOC: Nori

 It hasn't been long since Glóin stumbled in from the green round door, but here's Nori, the thief of the group. Played by Peter Jackson film veteran Jed Brophy, Nori has joined the company to leave the town and get some profit from Dragon's hoard. He's brother of Dori and Ori and distant relative of Thorin Oakenshield.

Nori is quite a basic dwarf construction-wise. There's some little tricks used to make his unique - The use of old dark grey and dark bley to create the correct color patterns, the hidden knives and foremost the odd starfish hairdo. I'm especially pleased with those whips used to connect the eyebrows to the hair. The beard has design similar to Thorin, but with three braids added. The side braids are minfig legs, similar to Glóin moustache. There weren't much joint pieces in brown so I had to improvise again, but it looks quite cool.

The torso is basic brick-on-brick build with some SNOT on the belt (or, of course, the whole thing is SNOT when the dwarf is standing, but you know what I mean) and tiling inside to add that zipper-like armour thing. The back of the belt has scabbards for Nori's double daggers. The back uses inverted tiles and this is actually the first time I used them on a MOC (I have 150 or so).

The arms are deadly similar to Bifur's with barrel bracer and all. Boots have some diversity, though. Back of the have couple of hidden knives in case of sticky situation or goblin kerfuffle. As always, the were the last part to be build.

Now it might be a while before I have the next dwarf built. I have only three left: The three of the youngest, Fili, Kili and Ori. Ive already built Fili's and Kili's heads, but have lack of dark brown parts to build their coats. Ori is another challenge. I have no sense how I could achieve the lavenderish color of his coat! But time will tell, as always.



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