Spectacular Steam Heroes!

 Ladies and gentlemen! Here's another barf straight from the boiler! These are more adventurous sort, definitely a pack to survive from different situations!

Mr. Aaron Birmingbeef is a stylished and modern huntsman. Urban areas are his speciality and he hunts everything that lurks around the block - rabbits, foxes, sewer crocodiles, dock seals, gulls and rats. Mr. Birmingbeef is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. The most important thing is that the ladies of England have nothing to worry about!
Mathias P. Hotkins is a renegade and full-time adventurer. He definitely doesn't have taken a bath in a few years, and the barber is not one of his trustees, but his enormous moustache, straightforward attitude and exploding sense of "humour" attract women in a very, very odd and twisted way. Or at least he thinks so.  
Miss Emily Barber is the chief of home security squad and has brought quite a few crooks behind the bars. She wield a powerful air shotgun with a climbing harpoon. Emily isn't afraid of grazes and scrapes, and does everything to keep her mother's tea pot collection safe,
Alan Granter is a well-known mechanic and inventor. He knows engines, pipes, boilers and fireboxes. Granter's father was a suspended monorail engineer, and his mother was a self-made aircraft inventor. Alan got his first tools when he was three, so he absolutely has the skill needed to be a revolutionary technician!
Norah Allison doesn't like the Industrial Revolution. He wants to protect trees from becoming firewood, stop factories from pumping gas to the atmosphere and save endangered frog species from new suburban areas. And she's ready to use hard means with her duties. Woodcutters should definitely wear helmets when she's around, but Norah is so good at lurking in the forests that she might be hard to notice before it's too late...



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